The Techniques and Unique Aspects of Free-Heel Boarding


The first book ever on free-heel boarding techniques!




Free-heel boarding (also known as Teleboard) could simply be defined as skiing downhill on a single board mounted with free-heel bindings. One foot is in front of the other, along the longitudinal axis of the board.


On first impression, there's indeed a bit of paradox with free-heel boards / teleboards. The combination of free-heel bindings on a single board leads to an apparently odd set-up.

But looking at it more carefully, free-heel boarding opens a unique range of possibilities (of movement, especially) that can be turned into an advantage in multiple snow conditions. This makes a free-heel boarder perfectly at ease with all snow conditions and terrains.


So what is at stake for the teleboarder is to use all these possibilities in a coherent free-heel boarding technique, and to exploit technical elements from other sports (monoski, skwal, snowboard) to sublimate them with the free heel.

This is the challenge of this book.






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